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The Red Deer, Sheffield
- Website Design Example.

The Red Deer Website.

Here's what our clients say.

“ ...the design of the Website is very much in keeping with the feel of the pub and easy to navigate. Continual consultation with us means the Website is always up-to-date.

The suggestion to put the Christmas Lunch Menu & Booking form on the site was inspired - customers were able to use this to plan their visit and inform us of their choice quickly and easily.

We have been able to direct customers to the Website where many of their queries are answered, and the impressive links and search engine ratings, which Stuart has been able to gain, greatly increase interest in the site and, therefore, our business. ”

The Red Deer Design Process.

The Red Deer being a traditional pub, rather than a modern bar, its Home page was designed to give a homely, welcoming feel rather than corporate or other design.

The Website design has seven pages interlinking with each other through the horizontal navigation bar above the page content and again below it (plus a page explaining accessibility features).

The Home page gives general information about the pub and its ambiance and, also, acts as a guide to the other pages in the site.

The photographs on the Home page (left), food menu, the map on the location page and details of the pub's history were supplied by The Red Deer. The remaining content and images were produced by BigEasy Web Design and approved by the pub.

Other pages are:

  • beers - list of beers; rich content via tasting notes on brewery Websites.
  • food - overview of food available plus typical menu.
  • events - details of pub events and groups who hire the function room.
  • find us - map with instructions on how get there.
  • history - brief history of The Red Deer and its development.
  • links - site search plus links to Websites relating to the Red Deer.
  • accessibility - details of accessibility features.

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