Accessibility (Alt-0).  Web Design, Sheffield.

Usability means repeat customers.

Designing for Usability involves making your Website pleasurable for customers to use and allowing them to find what they want easily and efficiently.

When customers can easily find what they want and find the Website pleasurable to use, they are much more likely to return.

If the Website is awkward to use and customers can’t easily find what they want, they will move swiftly on to another (competitor's ) Website - never to return.

What is Usability?

Usability is customer focused design. Amongst the things to be taken into account are:

The Website must enable a user to achieve his goals.
The design must allow the user to rapidly see how it works.
The ergonomics user productivity and how well a user can perform his job.
the user must be able to quickly achieve his goals and recover from any error.
the Website should be designed so that customers enjoy using it.

BigEasy design Websites following guidelines established from Usability research carried out by world acknowledged experts.