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Accessibility of this Website.

This site is designed to be accessible to screen readers. It has a link to skip past the navigation menu to the page content, if so desired.

Access Keys

Users with mobility problems and others unable to use a mouse can move to different pages using the following access keys (followed by <enter> in Internet Explorer),

  • Alt-0     this accessibility features page.
  • Alt-1     Home page.
  • Alt-2     Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Alt-3     Usability.
  • Alt-4     Accessibility.
  • Alt-5     Disability Discrimination Act Overview.
  • Alt-6     Contact Us.
  • Alt-7     Sitesearch and Links.
  • Alt-8     BigEasy SERPS positions.

e.g. in Internet Explorer, Alt-1 <enter> takes the user to the Home page.

For ease of movement within each page there is an additional access key:

  • Alt-s     skip past navigation menu to page content.

This moves the cursor past the navigation menu to the top of page content as opposed to the <home> key which takes one to the top of the entire page.

Further Accessibility

With usability, accessibility and portability in mind, this site is written in XHTML 1.0 Strict and uses CSS 3 to give an elastic design which will display well on any screen size and browser.

The size of the text on this website is set in qualitative instead of quantitative terms. As a result your web browser can easily override the base text size and all of the text will change relative to the size you specify. This is easily demonstrated using Microsoft Internet Explorer's 'Text Size' option: to increase the size of the text select 'View' -> 'Text Size' -> 'Largest': this increases the size of all the text proportionally.