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SEO: Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation puts your Website nearer the top of Search Engine results. Customers can then find your Website easier and are more likely to buy your products.

Over 80% of Internet users find products and services through Search Engines.
Potential customers type words describing things they want into a search engine.
A list of Websites containing those words - called "keywords" - is displayed.

Search engines list the Websites in order of their "ranking" for those keywords.
Usability tests show that people rarely look past the first few pages of these lists.
That makes it important to have as high a ranking as possible.

Search Engine Optimisation seeks to put your site as near the top of the list as possible for the keywords or phrases that potential customers may use when looking for your products and services - thus increasing your potential customers. See search engine optimisation example.

Search Engine Ranking.

We optimise a Website's ranking for Google - the most often used Search Engine.
Nowadays, there are many affiliations between Google and other search engines and the rest, too, now use similar ranking methods. See Google Website at Ranking Overview.

How to improve ranking.

There are some obvious ways to improve rankings (e.g. keywords) and some less obvious (e.g. your ranking is influenced by the number and ranking of other Websites linked to/from your site). Ways to optimise ranking include:

Good Website Design.
We design your Website to W3C Standards, along with good usability and accessibility, to make your page content and keywords easy for Google to analyse and, so, increase ranking.
Spread relevant keywords within page content, page titles and links
- possibly, include the main keyword(s) in your choice of domain name.
Links from other Websites to your Website.
Ensure relevant directories and business partners know about your site so they can link to it.
Links to other Websites.
Include "value-added" links to other Websites in which your customers may be interested (e.g. links to more detailed information about products). Avoid using reciprocal links just for the sake of it - keep it relevant.

How NOT to improve ranking.

Some people selling SEO use "clever" trickery to try and influence ranking - Google are aware of these techniques and will REMOVE sites from their index and those of their (numerous) affiliates.
See Google’s Website for SEO Advice.